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arabic word for vagina
"What do you say about having sex with women in the anus He said, "You are not an Arab Does sex occur but in the place of pregnancy Do it only in the Farj
dodane przez ....a.... czerwiec 14, 2009
19 8
Another word for father; also Farja
Your jokes are terrible, Farj! But I still love them!
dodane przez Dauj maj 19, 2011
4 3
Farj is something godlike, supernatural
Hey look at that dude, he looks so farj
dodane przez Farj kwiecień 18, 2006
5 9
someone with no penis or vagina, but with two arseholes.
Liam is a farj king.

Liam got double anal because he is a farj.
dodane przez Liam Fraser Dooley październik 28, 2007
5 15