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A handsome man who is extremely intelligent. He is also very attractive and dresses extremely well. Most of the time he will be quick to judge, this may cause people to become mad at him but its all in good fun.
damn i wish i had got an A on that test, well i am no Feras
#firas #smart #firras #ferris #cucmber
dodane przez kk22 wrzesień 21, 2009
blowjob (Japanese) derived from felaciation
bakaru no chinko ferashitai
#anaru #chinko #kuchi #zamen #boki
dodane przez Matsumoto Harugami listopad 24, 2006
A crazy, silly boy who trusts his life on Urban Dictionary.
Friend: What are you saying, Feras? That doesn't make sense! You don't know what you're talking about!
Feras: No, no, YOU are wrong. You didn't get the memo. Didn't you see it's in Urban Dictionary? That's the source of real knowledge!
#urban #dictionary #feras #life #knowledge
dodane przez ye14 wrzesień 16, 2012
Translated to jap jap speak, this word represents, blow job or fellatio.
Ray <3's giving 1337 fera's.

Girl get over hur and gimme a FERA.

#head #fellatio #oral #sex #blowjob #oral sex #bj #cum #dome #hummer
dodane przez BB Crisp listopad 17, 2005
A douchbag male who womanizes girls in order to feel good about himself. He is unable to get any good looking girl so he goes prowling for big girls in order to get some at the end of the night. He is unattractive to the trained eye so he goes to the gym to compensate.
He was so hammered last night, he pulled a Feras
#truth #males #feraaas #it'sout #whynow
dodane przez LoVaMe1 grudzień 15, 2013
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