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Part of the VIN number used by Ford to designate the heavy - duty police package installed onto Crown Victoria's from 1985-2008. These cars can top out at around 140+ MPH and can out - accelerate most stock high performers like the Mustang and the Camaro. Can impact 6" curbs at 60 MPH and receive no to little damage due to the large sidewalls on the tires and the heavy duty suspension. This car is also so heavy if that it were to impact another vehicle at highway speeds; the other vehicle would become "non recognizable". Horrible side impact ratings. Horrible rear impact ratings, (explodes like the Pinto does). Can go on harsh terrain at high speed and not get stuck or damaged like other cars; i.e.: (mud, gravel, 10-15% grade hills, ditches, curbs, speed bumps, rough roads, train tracks). Indeed the Crown Victoria is deceiving in appearance, it could probably stomp you're car or truck into the ground.
Ford Crown Victoria - P71
Joe: What the fu*k? Did I hit something?
Josh: I felt a bump...what?
Joe: I think I hit something.

Later that night, Joe gets out and looks at the front of his Crown Victoria.

Joe: Holy sh**!

There was half of a human torso and a complete mangled bicycle stuck in the grill of the Crown Vic with blood dripping from it all.
dodane przez rofl_copter_4dr_lx2008 listopad 17, 2008

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