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An abreviation of Fuck The Mags. Mags being newcastle football club. Used for at least the last 50 years.
FTM 2-1. A love supreme.
dodane przez ANTHFTM luty 07, 2010
28 55
FTM - fuck the matrix

scouse slang used against the matrix devision of the police force, aimed to stop drugs and anti- social behaviour

if confrunted about the meaning of FTM most will tell police it means - from the mersey-
FTM lad they arrested us last night

fuck the matrix lad they arrested us last night
dodane przez minimuch czerwiec 20, 2009
92 119
Feel The Music

A religeon based on music, versus God or Gods. Definitions sometimes veries, but for many people, something might make them think of a tune.
Often times, a person who beleives in FTM is a musician.
I'm a FTM person. Imma go play the guitar now.
dodane przez love_in_the_form_of_music listopad 16, 2009
9 38
Fuck this moment
person 1-FML!
person 2- no FTM you idiot cause this isn't going to affect you entire life.

pretty much a response to those bitches who always say FML...its annoying
dodane przez swags4 czerwiec 16, 2010
8 39
Fuck Tumblr Man.
Dude 1: Yeah man, I just lost a hugggge chunk of followers today on Tumblr and my tumblarity's disappppppppeared mate.
Dude 2: FTM FTM!
Dude 1: I'm more of a twatterer anyway.
dodane przez Gregory Manadem kwiecień 18, 2010
7 39
Short for: for the moment
I'm not doing pretty much anything ftm.
dodane przez Jenpher lipiec 10, 2008
23 86
a female to male sex change
dodane przez loco weed kwiecień 24, 2003
48 113