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a mullet word on a chick word
"Girlfriend is workin' the fullet up in here!"
dodane przez Freak Nastay luty 25, 2003
4 10
Haircut with Fohawk on top and a mullet in the back. Trademarked and worn by London of Bartow.
London was rocking the Fullet and some dark shades.
dodane przez Bltsfn1 listopad 09, 2008
24 6
What the hell is a back to front mullet?

The real definition of a FULLET is a FEMALE MULLET!
Damnit mom, stop coming to my effin band shows with your fullet, everyone hates my band now cuz ur always cheering for us and slapping people in the face with that fullet!!!!!!!!!! cut your hair woman!
dodane przez useful idiot wrzesień 01, 2004
48 30
fashionable mullet.
A mullet with a blended back and sides, to make it more fashionable and less... erm...
Tegan and Sara Quin have fullets.
"Man, I really hate mullet's but your fullet is lookin' pretty fresh."
dodane przez TSea lipiec 10, 2008
19 10
Fohawk with on top mullet in the back.
It's really just a fohawk with the back grown long.

I can't believe nobody has listed the real def yet.
"I told my stylist that I wanted the fohawk look. He said, 'oh honey that's so 2001. What you want is a fullett!' Now i'm the talk of the town."
dodane przez TheAirik listopad 08, 2005
10 12
A back to front mullet.
Aaron Lewis has a fullet.
dodane przez wtyaut kwiecień 23, 2003
10 17
a fucked up mullet legit the gayest looking mullet you'll ever see
see the fullet on mulletlovers.com on page 7 first column greatest thing known to nihal.
dodane przez oh babby czerwiec 30, 2006
4 24