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1) really good, really swell
2) new and original
3) a good smell
"that new song has funky fresh beat!"
dodane przez j-la sierpień 12, 2003
A term used to discribe something that is cool, likeable or enjoyable that is also new.
"That shirt is funky fresh."
or "That beat is funky fresh."
dodane przez Amanda marzec 18, 2005
Cool; hot; in style;
This beat is automatic, supersonic, hypnotic, "funkyfresh".
Yo, those boots are funkyfresh.
dodane przez Hailey marzec 24, 2005
Different but cool
That Guy is funky fresh
dodane przez SoFunkyFresh maj 30, 2009
Fun stylish way to dress yourself in fashionable clothing
Ayy yoo Aleckz you lookin FUNKY FRESH today,like how you put that outfit together.
dodane przez Beezzy B sierpień 18, 2010
In the state of having a wicked hangover
Damn, son; that party was awesome. I'm funky fresh this morning, though.
dodane przez Cor-dog marzec 13, 2008
Something that's both funky and fresh
Funky Fresh gravy
dodane przez Bob marzec 13, 2003