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gnarly. a better word than dank.
look at his gnar hair!
dodane przez johnna283742 styczeń 23, 2007
17 23
coming from the word Gnarley. It means cool, tight, rad, nice, crazy, amazingly good.
I shread the gnar up on skinner's butte.
dodane przez Value684 listopad 20, 2006
12 18
Anything you can shred
I just shredded the Gnar. (I just skiied quite well on powder)

I need to go shred the gnar (I have to go take care of business)
dodane przez Katherine Humberson kwiecień 16, 2007
6 17
The act of being jewed.
"Oh my god, he ate my sandwich, i just got GnaRed!"

"He jacked my kill, i just got GnaRed..."
dodane przez omfgkyle maj 19, 2008
1 13
Usually something that is gross or weird
You see that chick? she was looking as gnar as my dead grandmother.
dodane przez Jackson Bla czerwiec 12, 2007
4 17
when something awesomly awesome to the max.
dodane przez Herbert Yanocnock październik 15, 2003
11 27
A term/prefix used to describe any thing that causes a feeling of positive stimulation throughout the central nervous system. An etymological cousin of gnarly and gnardeath.
"That shwag is to gnarkill-overboard-man-at-sea to handle"

"Damn, that girl is hot, shes practically the lord of gnarington"

"are your parents retards, your special"
dodane przez shwagtonian420 lipiec 19, 2003
10 27