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Idiotic youtube commenter.
Youtube comment:"DEATH to all Emos, get a life or get laid attention seeking fucks". See this guy is a gink.
dodane przez little emo marzec 19, 2008
3 24
a racial slur used to describe someone of Indian descent
All the damn ginks are making this place smell like fucking curry.
dodane przez couldbeacrackhead kwiecień 16, 2009
452 155
A crabby, bitter and unattractive old person. Ginks tend to be impoverished, indignant urban dwellers with the same political and social leanings that they had in their 20s, who blame everyone but themselves for their myriad problems, and accost total strangers to air complaints.
Political demonstrations always seem to include at least one wrinkly, unsmiling, badly-dressed septuagenarian gink sporting a homemade sign and haranguing passersby.
dodane przez SteelEagle grudzień 16, 2008
2 3
the elusive ginger chinese person, hence G(inger) (ch)INK = GINK
Person A "wow look at that! A gink!"

Person B " woah yeah! you know they're an endangered species?"
dodane przez obobobobo listopad 03, 2011
15 19
female genitalia/
(plural) a group of strange friends (the ginks)
im off to meet the gink gang tonight, hope nobody gets drunk and gets there ginks out!
dodane przez saz ginka styczeń 14, 2010
91 96
It's the mix up of the words girls and drinks = ginks!
ginks on saturday night?
dodane przez James Kirby czerwiec 07, 2007
4 12
french inhaling a ghost
Stoner: Dude that gink was so sick!
dodane przez ganjababegw kwiecień 04, 2011
12 24
derogatory term for a human being
that guy is such a f*cking gink man.
dodane przez Andrew październik 07, 2003
28 44