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A woman with breasts of ginormous (gigantic and enormous) proportions who uses them to hypnotize males to get what she wants.
"Did you see the ginormous boob skank on TMZ last night? She was trying to get Michael Phelp's attention with her skanky boobs."
dodane przez Squidonesian grudzień 17, 2008
A female who is typically referred to as a "Ginormous Boob Skank" is usually a low-standard brainless woman with massively over-sized silicone breasts.

This type of woman tends to be "fake" from top to bottom and will, of course, use her unnatural attributes to hypnotize every single males crossing her path in order to get what she wants. A ginormous boob skank also starves for fame and fortune by seducing or sleeping with famous wealthy men who grabbed her attention at the mall, in a club or even on the streets.
Naomi Nguyen, a former San Jose stripper, turned into a wannabe Hollywood actress, and desperately looking for her minute in the spotlight, was referred to as "ginormous boob skank" by the online media TMZ.

This petite Vietnamese girl had been stalking olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelp several times, by showing her over-sized attributes in the streets of Los Angeles, CA. She tried in vain to seduce him in front of TV cameras to gain the attention of the sensational press in 2008.
dodane przez Pixel408 lipiec 08, 2012
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