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This phrase was first started sometime in the 1940's. It's origins are from the National Football League. It's exact origins are unknown but the term was used by players and coaches to describe what goes on during a pile up of players attempting to recover a fumble or a loose ball on the field. Players at the bottom of the pile would often resort to dirty, classless tactics in an attempt to recover the ball from another player while the referees were attempting to clear the pile to discover who had recovered the ball. Often times, players would resort to punching, kicking, scratching, grabbing an opposing players ball sac and squeezing, etc.... in the hopes that the player with the ball would give up the ball to try and stop the other player from "giving him the business". The phrase became known to the general public in 1986, during an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets when referee Ben Dreith called a personal foul penalty on the Jets' Marty Lyons after he tackled Bills quarterback Jim Kelly to the ground and started to repeatedly punch him in the head. Dreith announced to the crowd: "We have a personal foul on number 99 of the defense — after he tackled the quarterback, he's giving him the business down there, that's a 15-yard penalty."
Player 1: "Who recovered the fumble? Did they make a call yet?"

Player 2: "Dunno. There still in the pile giving the business."
#given the business #giving da business #giving the buisness #giving him the business #giving 'em the business
dodane przez Solomanium czerwiec 05, 2010
punching someone in crotch.
the referee called a 15 yard penalty for giving the business.
#fighting #punching #crotch #midsection #below the belt
dodane przez Zetseui grudzień 01, 2007
When a person disregards any courtesy toward a party and threatens use of authority, usually to combat an injustice done them.
"I found a hair in my taco at Taco bell and the lady at the register refused to give me a new one

"Damn dude, so what'd you do?"

"I asked to see the manager and started giving the business to him. Dude hooked me up with a $20 gift card and a free taco"

#giving #business #giving the business #nfl #bartering
dodane przez ratherdashing grudzień 16, 2014
A general reference to a future salacious sexual act. Statements regarding 'the business' are frequently accompanied by a raised eyebrow.
"I am going to be giving the business to you right after I eat this oatmeal."
#giving business #the business #giving the bizzzznezzz #getting busy #sex
dodane przez Oatmeal123 październik 11, 2011
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