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Person wanting to emulate the cowboy life without the labour. Would rather "rope goats" than herd cows.
"That boy ain't no real cowboy, he's a goat ropper - give him a lasso'n cow pony and he'd rather wrangle a ram."
dodane przez Anna Moreno - proud goat ropper grudzień 12, 2007

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A cowboy who tucks his pants and puts the hind legs of a goat in them whle he has sex with the goat since it cannot run anywhere.
cowboys wife: What were you doin to that goat out there?

cowboy: i was just tryin to push him through the gate.

cowboys wife: You arnt a goat ropper, you a goat fucker you inbred son of a bitch

cowboy: if we get a divorce are we still cousins?
dodane przez Donny22 styczeń 19, 2009