It means you are going hard and harder, fast and faster, and strong and stronger.
We are going ham
#hard #harder #fast #faster #strong #stronger
dodane przez 3DBrownell styczeń 12, 2013
Its a rocky reference because he punches pig carcases
im going ham on him, he will be in lots of pain
#ham #rocky #hm #h.a.m #rcky
dodane przez goofyball luty 13, 2015
upgrading from bologna
If I have to eat one more bologna sandwich I'm going ham.
#bologna #pork #meat #hamburger #going hamn
dodane przez princejackson'sfantasygirl95 luty 21, 2011
According to"Jay-Z and Kanye West dropped their first single, "H.A.M.," on Tuesday, January 11th, but their record may have overshadowed another "ham" song: Yung Joc and Gucci Mane's "Going Ham" leaked over the weekend.

The tracks aren't related, nor do they have anything to do with a choice cut of pig: The Jay and 'Ye song name is actually an acronym that stands for "Hard As a Mother----er," while Joc and Gucci's version is based on the Atlanta term "going ham," which is a derivative of mayhem. Joc admits most people may not even know the term's origin."
You going ham tonight?
Nah, I got finals tomorrow.
#going ham #goin ham #we be goin ham #ham #we be going ham
dodane przez BurgerSack maj 19, 2011
The process of going "Hard As a Motherfucker", usually while working very hard on something or focusing intensely on video games
Jim: Wow John is really going HAM right now huh?
Phil: Yeah i havent seen him look away from his TV in hours
#video #games #hard #mother #fucker #focus
dodane przez Mr.iRageDxT maj 26, 2011
going hard" "getting hammered
this summer we are deff going ham all the time
#drunk #tipsy #hammered #shitfaced #trashed
dodane przez becfosho czerwiec 08, 2011
Verb. To go crazy, all out, like a bro.
Did you see Abby going ham at the show lastnight? Yeah the finch always goes ham.
#to go ham #go ham #turkey #ham #go hard
dodane przez l3ahlives4br3akdowns październik 26, 2010
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