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1. The Green Hornet = Britt Reid = Wealthy newspaper owner = Grand Nephew of John Reid = The Lone Ranger.

Keye Luke played Kato, the Green Hornet's Japanese assistant, in the 1940's (?). Bruce Lee played Kato in the 1960's. Keye Luke played Bruce Lee's old master in ENTER THE DRAGON (and a similar role in the KUNG FU TV series).

2. An ugly AMC two door hatchback in an ugly color.
1. The Green Hornet TV show was started as a spin-off of BATMAN. Batman & Robin thought the Green Hornet & Kato were badguys, so they attacked them. The Green Hornet and Batman were about equal. Kato (Bruce Lee) kicked Robin's ass, and then ran over and finished off Batman.

2. I don't know which was worse, my green Hornet, or my orange Chevette. At least when I had the Chevette, I could honestly tell dumb blondes at the bar that I had a 'Vette, and then get them so blasted that they wouldn't notice when I drove them home.
#reality based super hero #batman #the punisher #knight rider #kato #lone ranger
dodane przez John "Hannibal" Smith maj 20, 2006
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A masked crusader against crime, not unlike Batman. The Green Hornet is Britt Reid, wealthy newspaperman by day, by night, he is the Green Hornet. He, along with his manservant Kato, battle against the criminal element, while being hunted by the police themselves. Their tools in the war against crime are The Black Beauty, the Green Hornet's personal car, armed with rockets, smoke screens, oil slicks and brushes to hide tire tracks. Also, Kato is an instrument of masked destruction.
The Green Hornet and Kato stopped those embezzlers for good, before stopping to take a shit on the Batmobile.
dodane przez Donut Q. Goodness maj 29, 2004
A term used to describe a bad movie made by an otherwise good director. Etymology from Michel Gondry's "The Green Hornet" (2011).
Fabio: Cronenberg is a great director!
Stefan: Yeah, he doesn't have any green hornets.
#bad #movie #director #green #hornet
dodane przez stevierox czerwiec 23, 2011
One who buzzes parties looking for the "honeys," and often leaves green with envy.
Dave 'the french bakery B' is THE Green Hornet when it comes to the ladies; that poor soul will hit the right one some day, but for now, he is only left to go home and crank it.
dodane przez superfly667 marzec 25, 2003
When a group of 4+ people get inside of a green car and have a massive orgy. Afterwards, they must lick up the mess.
Sure, I would love to have a green hornet!
#green #hornet #cum #jizz #eww #all over the place!
dodane przez ATallWhiteGuy styczeń 17, 2011
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