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Shopping that happens when you finally get tired of eating crackers and/or are out of soap. May involve searching for the mustard, since it isn't next to the ketchup, until you find mustard next to the hot dogs or something else equally logical.
My girlfriend always asks me to go grocery shopping with her but it's a really annoying way to spend time.
dodane przez prinnyfan kwiecień 08, 2009
When one either doesn't have the money to buy food or the grocery store is closed, they go to a friend or relative's house and raid their pantry or refrigerator.
We were going to make tacos on Sunday, but we were out of lettuce and shredded cheese and the store was closed, so mom told us to go grocery shopping at grandma's house.
dodane przez lac_firefly sierpień 09, 2009
When you take food, beer, or condiments from a house party for the soul purpose of filling up your own pantry or refrigerator at home.
"Hey did you hear about this freshman throwing a house party?"
"Yeah, I am going to go grocery shopping."
dodane przez 86thered luty 24, 2010
Any vacation to an undisclosed location taken for complete enjoyment and maximum relaxation.
Adam: Hey, if any of my friends come by, tell them I'm grocery shopping for the next three months.
dodane przez Scorpios lipiec 26, 2008
slang term for homosexual gingers for having unprotected anal sex with whoever needs to release and beCOME.
Marco got his mom to lactate in my tapioca pudding without me noticing and I ate it so to get back at him I convinced him to go grocery shopping with my gay ginger friend conner. Little did he know that the only thing they picked up from the grocery store was mayonaise,hot dogs,and a rubber chicken. Marco was confused as to why they went to a motel room. Lets just say the next day he woke up and looked like his penis either went for a ride in the rectum of a bloody babboon or his penis crashed into a red ant pile in the rain because his penis was caked in chunky crap and it had more dots on it then a winning grannys bingo card. Looks like hes guna have to go down the hand lotion isle for awile or at least the genital warts isle and feathered penis isle.
dodane przez tophieCC kwiecień 21, 2010
Having sex with a girl, or guy, who has a colostomy bag, while his/her colostomy bag is filling up.
"I was doing this chick who recently had surgery on her anus, and all of a sudden, I look down at her colostomy bag and realize that I was grocery shopping."
dodane przez Mike D. marzec 25, 2005
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