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London rhyming slang for penis or 'dick'. Hampton Wick is an outer suburb of London. Hamton Wick rhymes with dick, and in this urban slang you just use the first word - Hampton.
I got my hampton caught in my zipper.
dodane przez pauljustpaul grudzień 26, 2007
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A Man's Penis / Cock / Belge
Raymond has a huge Hampton.
dodane przez Raymond A Roofer grudzień 17, 2003
a PIMP, a fly mother fucker, the cool kid of the group, the shit.
You see that kid over there. he's a Hampton.

That kids the Hampton of the group
dodane przez mackenziedunaway czerwiec 12, 2010
A fly kid. Usually is the best looking guy in his school. Gets pussy like every day.
You see that kid, he's Hampton. The cool one.
dodane przez Kikjfjekfhdktjfifje,if lipiec 28, 2011
Hampton was getting all the girls to get in the bed with him.
dodane przez bigone69 czerwiec 06, 2011
The state of high-ness where you are too high to function.
AKA the place you go when you are in this state.
"Dude, did you smoke last night?"
"Yeah, seven bowls deep I was definitely in the Hamptons."

"Wanna get high?"
"Yeah dude, let's go to the Hamptons!"
dodane przez thaitang grudzień 07, 2009
the middle name of jesus
"Jesus Hampton Christ!"
dodane przez jaquineh styczeń 10, 2009

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