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Being hammered, wasted, drunk, gone.
Dude, I'm totally going to Ham Town tonight!
dodane przez Rubiconnn styczeń 10, 2012
3 1
(adj) When you are so hammered that you are in Hamtown
Last night = Hamtown
dodane przez NynaB listopad 30, 2009
7 0
ugly, nasty, fug, someone that is really tough to look at, unattractive in the worst way, gross, someone with an inside-out face, sick, yuckster magoo
"Daaaaaamn, did you see that girl? She was mad hamtown, son! She had three eyeballs, two teeth, and a nipple on her face!! HAMTOWN to the MAX!!!!"
dodane przez Lupe the Gossiping Housekeeper listopad 30, 2009
10 4
Framingham, massachusetts.

obviously so named because of the "ham" in it. FramingHAM.

No, it is not a large producer of ham.
Ham town is becoming more and more ghetto. Some people are beginning to call Beaver a mini-Boston.
dodane przez Sebzilla lipiec 06, 2006
5 16