A Child who claims his/her parents hate them, and hang out at Taco bell at all ours of the day. They think they are really hard core because they smoke and drink against their parents wishes. They listen to "Hard Core" music, but in reality is is extremely homosexual. Examples include. Metro Station, Bullet For my Valentine, The Devil Wears Prada, 3oh!3, and other bands who's lyrics focus on how their girl friends broke up with them, and other whinny topics. Their clothing may include, but is not limited to.....

Tight Pants
Band T-shirts (But not cool ones, the homosexual one, such as bands states above)
Straitened Hair

Plaid Shirts
Skate shoes
Studded Belts
and other homosexual fashions that make them think that they are cool.
Hard Core kids Conversation

HARD CORE KID #1: Hey dude, I'm so hardc0re ! I spend my whole day at taco bell and smoke because i think its cool and my parents don't want me too !

HARD CORE KID #2: Yeah d00d we are so br00tual ! I think my parents hate me because they don't let me smoke and sneak out !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah d00d, they must hate you !

HARD CORE KID #2:Or middle class lives suck !

HARD CORE KID #1:Yeah, no one has it as bad as we do !
dodane przez tuna2020 sierpień 04, 2009
Top Definition
lets see a true hardcore kid does not wear tight pants thats gay scene bullshit. and crews are not a part of hardcore. true hardcore kids don't follow a trend and they don't have to dance at shows to be hardcore. hardcore is about not following trends. it's about being free from the masses. and you don't have to be edge to be hardcore anyone can be edge.this is the true definiton of a hardcore kid they don't give a fuck what you think. they do what they want to. they don't follow your stupid trends. and they don't join stupid crews.
ignorant kid: hey look that kid has tight pants on and a black band shirt on he's hardcore.

true hardcore kid: your so stupid that is not hardcore that is scene bullshit. he looks like such a fag. by the way. YOUR TEAM.
dodane przez dyllan miller kwiecień 03, 2007
Any person who listens to hardcore. They listen to Righteous Jams, Champion, Set Your Goals, Hoods, Donnybrook, The Warriors, Bury Your Dead, etc. They go to shows frequently and mosh. They wear sport shorts or camo and always wear band shirts. They do not have extensions or any of that pussy shit but shave their heads. Most of the time core kids are ex scenesters or ex punk looking for a true music scene. they do wear tight jeans but not their sisters, thats for pussies. They 2 step and spink kick and the majority like Positive music and claim Straightedge.
Aaron: Dude i just went to Nordstroms and got these awesome Modern Amusement shirts for $200.
Josh: I spent $30 on my outfit and ill be more hardcore than you will ever be. I spinkick, i two step, and i live pure. I am a hardcore kid.
dodane przez Josh Mosh kwiecień 19, 2006
HxC kids don't wear tight jeans, or have big hair, or listen to any bands listed above.

Typical HxC Kids have buzzed hair, khaki or gym shorts, and pullover hoodies.

REAL hardcore bands

REAL HxC Kids will don't do that gay "hardcore two-step" dancing talked about above either.

Leg tattoos are popular, but someone with all of the "stupid" piercings listed above like septums and large gauges is really a scenester, not hardcore
Hardcore Kids

Hardcore Kid, "Fuck those scene kids"
Hardcore Kid2, "Yeah, if they don't want to be in the pit, they should get the fuck out"
dodane przez drogomerta marzec 10, 2010
a kid who listens to hardcore/metal heavy music: throwdown, the bled, bleeding through, as i lay dying, nora, darkest hour. stuff like that. they are usually dressed in black band t shirts and blue jeans. but some may dress whatever they want. they go to hardcore shows and hardcore dance which is where they punch air and do ninja kicks. they are not afraid of getting hurt and will always stand up for themselves. they are tough and they dont care what people think of them. they hate being called emo and they will always start shxt for that. but they are also never uptight in anything. they are never mad at anyone and usually never hate. they are usually funny and fun to be with and also like to have fun. random things are their favorites. they are just like most normal people but they wont take shxt from anyone.
holy shxt i just got hit in the face. fxckin cool lets go again
dodane przez hXcGUY lipiec 08, 2005
1. a "kid" even if only at heart, who stands up for something they believe in.
2. someone who enjoys hardcore music
3. someone who is obsessed with something

not necessarily "punk" or "emo"
1. that kid is a hardcore vegan
2. that kid sure loves hardcore music. he is a hardcore kid
3. that gamer is such a hardcore kid
dodane przez notyourbusiness styczeń 14, 2006
a young person who listens to frantic and hevy music. when at gigs, a hardcore kid will punch an kick the air in a spectacular fashion. however, in a breakdown several hardcore kids will enter a pit and kick the shit out of each other. hardcore kids are the toughest of any alternative person. but beware: there are many bogus hardcore kids about! its rather popular to be one nowadays
i'm a hardcore kid, wanna spin kick in your face?
dodane przez hardcoregeek maj 12, 2005
A fan of the hardcore music scene. Sometimes, but not always, straight-edge. Their clothing is usually either basketball shorts and track shoes for freedom of movement while hardcore dancing or tight pants and a band t-shirt. Bands can include, but are not limited to, Throwdown, Terror, Hatebreed, Norma Jean, Between the Buried and Me, etc.
That hardcore kid almost hit me in the face!
dodane przez La-La-Laurakins <3 marzec 13, 2006
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