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Adjective for the best guy who ever lived. The only word cool enough to describe chuck norris. People who can be described with this word do not come around that often but if they did, they would have to be really good at everything they actually like to do. they can get anything instantly on their first try.
Chuck Norris, your so harmon.
dodane przez ;aoihv;weornvo czerwiec 11, 2010

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An adjective to describe the coolest guy in the room. Sometimes described as the man. Originates from Mark Harmon who stars in NCIS and is the man and definitely the coolest guy in that room.
Bro, you're the harmon
dodane przez ihatejewishniggers czerwiec 11, 2010
an external species that has such bad breath that a garbage truck smells good, flat face moron a.k.a DUMBASS. buttfucked.
whats that smell, that smells like a Harmon
dodane przez jack whiteanblackwichisgray wrzesień 27, 2010