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The smallest fucking town in Idaho. Located in northern Idaho about one mile from the Washington boarder, near Spokane Washington. All thats really there is a gas station, a bar, a trailer park, and a somewhat nice somewhat disgusting lake. There is about 1000 residents.

Hauser is a good place to go to get away from the city or relitives.
Matt: Goddamn me mother-in-law is fucking anoying! I'm going to Hauser for the weekend. Later
dodane przez Dewit czerwiec 05, 2009
'Giving someone a Hauser' is defined as servicing someone whilst on the toilet.
She wanted some loving, but I had to poop, so I gave her a Hauser.
dodane przez Grayson W sierpień 07, 2005
To make a statement or take an action which defeats itself and/or clowns the initiator. To ridicule oneself unintentionally or disembowel one's entire stance in debate.

A message board synonym for Munsoned with origins in the flaming and trolling community and prior, to the legend of Kaspar Hauser in 19th century German history noted for contradicting himself and fabricating odd stories.
"Latent male homosexuality is disgusting to me. What are you wearing, John? Take it all off, you big fag. Dance for me in webcam."

"Hahaha...too funny. That homophobe just hausered himself."
dodane przez Duerf grudzień 28, 2009
Hauser: (slang, Verb) (Bohemia/Western Czech Republic and Northern/Central California coast)

1) To hauser is to completely clean someone or something out, or to steal or take absolutely everything during a robbery or petty theft.

2) To leave nothing behind
1) I pulled off the biggest hauser of the year on the Cal State Sacramento biology department; I took every free school supply they had.

2) Phil hausered our fridge last night, there's nothing good left!

3) Why do you keep hausering all my fucking pills yo?
dodane przez Sean Sicklik sierpień 28, 2007
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