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1. Some dude who thinks he's god's gift to humanity because he lifted his finger to help out once or twice or very little overall, when the woman in the situation helps constantly and doesn't get any appreciation nor asks for for any, but you don't see her patting herself on the back do you.

2. Your boyfriend/husband who changes the babies diapers twice a year and thinks he's some kind of hero for "helping out"; cause after all "he brings home the paycheck, what more could you ask for" (barfing noise). Note: also applies when female works part or full time and when she makes more than him.

3. Your father when he thinks giving you money means he's the greatest father on earth and deserves constant admiration otherwise a slew of passive aggressive tactics will be applied to you. Also expect a slew of put downs and covert manipulations if you do not bow to your "hero".
"Hero complex" extraordinaire Jon Gosselin

any random sleazeball who looks for sex in exchange for some microscopic favor he graciously bestows upon you as the hero he thinks he is

Al Bundy
dodane przez Nausicus lipiec 11, 2013
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