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Something you say when someone has said so wonderful and brilliant.
Person 1: OMG... This lesson sucks!

Person 2: High 5 on that
dodane przez PeanutButterJellyTime styczeń 09, 2008
Like the act of slapping hands aloft in celebration, often seen deployed in bowling alleys by embarrassing parents who have achieved something that in sporting terms is fecking simple - akin to sneezing, this relates to the usually unwelcome brushing of balls, man on man..mid threesome.
"I caught a glint in john's eye and I knew he was in her arse. I hopped on top and slid into her gently. As my balls brushed his, I screamed - HIGH 5!!!!"
dodane przez furball69 kwiecień 08, 2010
stealing, racking....making out with the goods with out droppin a sheckle...to learn the art of stealing
we high-fived (high5s) that brew from the deli
dodane przez Ebenezer kwiecień 11, 2006