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He is the sexiest man alive and really sweet and so fuking attractive!!!
totally fukable
dodane przez Ivan maj 26, 2004
the sweetest, kindest, most caring person in the world. Everyone would be lucky to have an Ivan in their life. Ivan is everything good. He unlocks parts of your heart that seemed closed forever. He is patient, attentive and all around wonderful. He will do anything to see a smile on your face, and you will want to do anything to see his smile too. When he smiles, it is an amazing phenomena, for a split second everything is right in the world. When he smiles, I smile. His eyes radiate with warmth and kindness. His capacity for love is limitless. In times when others get angry and lash out, Ivan remains calm and supportive. He will hold you tight when you are full of fear. There is nothing better than being in his arms, it is the safest place in the world. In his arms time stands still. He will be your strength in any time of need. An Ivan will caress your face, look deep into your eyes and tell you he loves you with all his heart. An Ivan will tell you that you are beautiful and perfect and amazing, with such certainty that you too believe it is true. In loving Ivan you will also learn to love yourself. Ivan truly is synonymous with love.
What is love?
-Love is Ivan.
#perfect #love #happiness #sweet #caring #amazing
dodane przez princessfeather luty 12, 2010
Originally meaning "gift of God". A good looking man, usually of Hispanic or Eastern European descent.
"Ooh, girl! There's some Ivan's up in this ethnic party tonight, they all look so good."
dodane przez I.V.E lipiec 06, 2004
A boyfriend who can be a COMPLETE ASSHOLE and the sweetest guy at the same point in time.
Ivan: "I can't wait till you graduate so i never see you again and this will all be over."

the Girlfriend: (Begins to cry at his hateful words)

Ivan: "Nah, i'm really going to miss you, seriously."
dodane przez mattskiba'sgirl maj 04, 2005
- The one
- The Best
- The Only
- The Feared
- The Powerful
- The Beloved
- Simply me...
"Are you the Ivan?"
dodane przez Ivan Lepe czerwiec 09, 2004
the love of my life the only one i want but can never have..
ivan doesnt even know that i exist
#love #life #soulmate #beautiful #cute #hot
dodane przez LovinYou listopad 08, 2005
Ivan Is The Nicest, funniest , Cutest, Sexiest Man you'll ever meet. He is Very Athletic and Is Amazing at Soccer. He Will one day be a professional! Ivan isn't shy but is Very outgoing! The only Time that Hes shy Is when Hes around The Beautiful girl Friend Who he is in Love With! Ivan Is Amazing!!! :*
Ivan is AWESOME!!!
#cute #hot #nice #funny #athletic
dodane przez Cutie3443 październik 24, 2012
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