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A guy who looks like a turtle, wears glasses, has dirt on his neck, walks in a very peculiar way, is everyone's BF...

Jean-Pierre is also used as a synonym of best friend
Jean-Pierre and Errol are BFs
You're my Jean-Pierre
dodane przez jean-pierre's BF czerwiec 29, 2010
Pronunciation: \ˈjeon peear\
Function: verb

Inflected Form(s): jean pierred \'jeon peear'd
Etymology: Middle English and Saxon jean pierre , from Old Saxan Le Jean Pierre' frog qua.
Date: after the 12th century, more aptly two days ago.

intransitive verb

1: to get hosed by a money man with a toupe' while he smilingly and it slight creepy pedophile voice reassures you he will not cash your check before agreed upon date.
Yesterday I was in need of some money so I went down to the docks and 'jean pierred' a bunch of dumbass tourists.
dodane przez tritius wrzesień 10, 2009