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another term used to describe the quality of a butt.
1) Tim has a nice, round jello!

2) Dang she has a nice jello; it's so jiggly and wiggly.
dodane przez jaja! grudzień 17, 2009
the sexiest food alive
Yum. Jello.
dodane przez asdfghjklqwertyuiopzxcvbnm czerwiec 11, 2003
Mediocre sex - comes from the saying "Sex is like jello. When it's good, it's really good. But when it's bad, it's still pretty good."
A: "So, you shagged her last night? How was it?"
B: "Jello."
A: "Beats watching TV, right?"
dodane przez Prp Guy kwiecień 04, 2006
an eatible substance that comes in many flavors and it giggles
i've got cheery jello and green jello.. and purple.. hm whats purple.. oh right grape!
dodane przez Britmon styczeń 01, 2008
Boobs jiggle like jello,
Everyone loves jello
Therefore everyone loves boobs
(Boobs = Jello)
dodane przez Effy Riggs wrzesień 21, 2010
Shorthand for jealous.
You got Super Bowl tickets? I'm so jello.


Oh my god are those Manolos? Jello!
dodane przez The Ly marzec 14, 2007
the act of being insanely envious of a gangster; someone who is too lazy to spell jealous
Wow, you just met Orlando Bloom...I am SOO jello!
dodane przez gangstergirl17 wrzesień 06, 2010