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A name of Latin origin, often it is used to describe men of great sexual potency and even greater sized sexual equipment that still fail to get laid.
The man was quite a Jeroen, bearing the 12 inch penis but still only getting lucky with hookers.
dodane przez 6 kwiecień 02, 2004
196 122
Noun: A Jeroen is an optional gear for newer cars. When you shift into Jeroen, your car will automatically steer you through the nearest Pizza Hut, rave, and Bed & Breakfast in that order.

Verb: Making a dramatic entrance into an unassuming atmosphere, doing a hair flip, then sauntering out again.
I'm feeling saucy, time to shift into Jeroen!

I wish these kids would quit jeroening, it's quite distracting, isn't it?
dodane przez Dadadadeedeedee luty 05, 2010
88 42
hoi jeroen dit gaat niet over jou 6 doeii
hoi jeroen
dodane przez rerrerererrere marzec 23, 2013
17 28
A baby bird fallen from its nest and still yearning to learn how to fly in order to search for the meaning of life.
He's so adorably lost, what a Jeroen
dodane przez the wonderful definition maker sierpień 30, 2003
80 101
The act of anal sex between gay male partners
Tonight it's jeroen style
dodane przez Craig Tomalski grudzień 09, 2003
178 245