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A Douch Bag Jew.
A Jewish D-Bag.

See Jewish, Douch Bag
That Jewch bag broke up with my cousin on Valentines day because his mom found out she is a shiksa.

That Jewch bag had it coming cheating on her with every girl on the street corner.
dodane przez bebe23 luty 16, 2011
combination of the word jew and deuche bag. Usually meant to describe deuchey or annoying jewish boys. Sometimes jewish frat boys. Men who think they are "all that"
That guy was a total jewchbag, trying to hit on her like that? What an idiot.
dodane przez little.mermaid kwiecień 09, 2011
A Jewish duech bag
Hey, John Stewart, quit being such a jewch bag!
dodane przez easy goin październik 18, 2010