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epitome of perfection
Dobek wants to be a karthik, but fails miserably.
dodane przez KJ-II październik 11, 2005
229 103
The name of an Indian Wargod.

Traditional Indian Name.
I love my skinny indian friend, Karthik!
dodane przez Mr. Jesus Kiwi sierpień 15, 2005
212 95
Extremely attractive.
He's awfully karthik, I wish he was mine.
dodane przez Mavie Marcos sierpień 12, 2005
255 143
The pure pinnacle of perfection. So perfect, that just one look at him will either have you hooked or have your eyes burnt due the awesomeness of his perfection
He is so Karthik,I just can't stop looking
dodane przez DJ D'juju maj 30, 2011
59 18
The ultimate man-whore. He'll charm his way into your pants then sleep with your friends. Stay away.
I feel for a "Karthik" last night.
(2 months later...)
I can't believe it was all an act, and now he's pulling it on my BFF.
dodane przez ImLovinIt sierpień 23, 2006
170 143
A quiet, attractive boy who underestimates himself at almost everything. Extremely funny, and girls adore him without him realizing it.
Also founded the Young Arav Club.
"Hey did you know Karthik is grounded?"
"Again, but he's such a nice person?"
dodane przez *_*_*_ listopad 07, 2013
12 2
one who stares at the 'mountains' and thinks of the 'priaries' all the while with the hand on the 'tombs'

Ohh god karthik stop being sucha cheapass and be momma's boy!!
this boy is a total karthik
dodane przez hardik011296 luty 12, 2014
1 5