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What they call Macaroni & Cheese in Canada. The box actually says "Kraft Dinner" where it would normally say "Macaroni & Cheese". In Canada they accept this as perfectly normal.

"Kraft" is, of course, the company that makes the product and "Dinner" is what we will eat when it is done cooking. Be sure to prepare it with milk in a bag.
Even though Macaroni & Cheese is the all-American convenience food product, Canada consumes, per capita, more Kraft Dinner than the United States!
dodane przez betty crocker październik 22, 2004
411 123
Macaroni and cheese
Tonight we'll eat kraft dinner
dodane przez Terrance and Philip czerwiec 09, 2004
274 100
The Best Thing Alive

It Is Mac&Cheese and it rocks.

Everyone should eat Kraft Dinner
Person 1-Did you have kraft dinner last night?

Person 2-Hell Yas!

dodane przez xoxAshes69xox luty 12, 2009
43 58
Student chow. (Also known as KD)
I'm nearly out of money, so I'm going to be living on Kraft Dinner this week.
dodane przez Eugene206 styczeń 02, 2007
100 252
Pretty much what your average College or University student must learn to subside on because rent and education costs leave them basically in poverty.
What lots of teachers are known to say: Believe me guys; I was a poor student. I remember living on Kraft Dinner for weeks to afford my books.
dodane przez Guest marzec 14, 2005
53 207
A popular brand of macaroni and cheese that if prepare correctly, still doesn't taste like cheese.
Cory: KD sucks

Perry: Kraft dinner does fucking suck, it doesn't even taste like cheese.
dodane przez DesPERRYado listopad 02, 2004
36 226
Overpriced mac & cheese
A: Kraft Dinner is so overpriced
B: tastes so goood
A: still overpriced..
B: so easy to make!
A: its nothing but mac n cheese dammit
dodane przez KYJC styczeń 18, 2008
87 498