LAK or L.A.K. is an abbreviation for Larry Ass Kickers. Larry Ass Kickers are any tasks that become so difficult as to cause an individual to freeze up, stammer, or skip like a record player. LAKs can also cause paranoia, anger, and frustration. While the origin of LAKs is not exactly known, some psychologists believe that they are triggered by "muffin tops" or "moobs".
Wow! Is because that friggin' vehicle recovery class was a real LAK!
dodane przez the whole 9 deal kwiecień 11, 2008
derivative of "like"

"ye get any shumuck lak?"
dodane przez chute123 październik 28, 2006
Llamas. Ate. Kevin.
Oh my goodnes... MIRANDA! LAK! Hahaha
dodane przez Kevin's Intestines sierpień 18, 2011
to laugh very hard usually at the people who 'rifk'

means : laughing at kennel skids.
guy: omg thats so funnny rifk!

girl: hah Laks!
dodane przez chwee wrzesień 06, 2008
A word used to describe an annoying person.
Person 1: Will you go out with me beautiful lady
Person 2: Ew no, you are such a Lak!

dodane przez ansfkjahf grudzień 06, 2008
a feeling of friendship
ah doan lak you
dodane przez wevil listopad 14, 2003
Stinkin ave Killa
Homewood niggas AKA LAK
dodane przez Martaz AKA Twin tower 2 aka Black Joker lipiec 16, 2003

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