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This college is summed up by a few definitions/entities:

Irish: This is a horrible misconception of many of Le Moyne students. Most of these students simply like the color green, drinking, honking their horns, and marching places.

High Female to Male Ratio: This school is comprised of 1,500 girls and 1,000 guys. Sadly, the only way to utilize the 1,500 girls is with 1,500 paper bags.

Sports: This college is known more for the sport's team ability to drink than to play the actual sport of which they belong. Most teams are broken up by sport (gender barriers are absent): baseball drinks beer, rugby drinks beer, hockey drinks sex on a beach, and lacrosse drinks long island iced teas.

Dolphins: Sadly, most students at Le Moyne College have an I.Q. lower than that of a dolphin. One similarity, however, is that both students and dolphins enjoy sex.

Liberal Arts: The books required for Le Moyne College classes are effective for toilet paper the semester after use, and are sadly more comfortable for wiping than the glass-embedded, AIDS-infested, toilet paper that causes more bleeding than the Battle of the Bulge.

Wonderful Teachers at Le Moyne College: Cat ladies and germaphobes.

Horrible Food: If Oliver Twist went here, he would intentionally be anorexic. His reasons? This food is so horrible, patrons attend funerals at the chapel for food more fresh than that served at this cafeteria.

Disappointment: This school is sadder than the sex scene depicted in Sodom and Gemorrah, and no doubt will end the same way.

White People: One could drown in this Sea of Honkey.
Ed: Have you heard of the Mighty Dolphins?
Nelson: Le Moyne College?
Ed: No. Fuck no man. Le Moyne sucks balls. I was talking about Marine Land.
dodane przez Dancepartydanger październik 06, 2008
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3 time winner of the Men's Division II Lacrosse National Championship. A team that would also out drink any team on campus.
You: Your going to Le Moyne Collegefor lacrosse?
Me: Yea dude it's legit.
You: That's whats good, heavy drinking though.
Me: Duh
dodane przez camelkd marzec 04, 2009

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