referring to the breakout season that Jeremy Lin had, people start using "Lin" for every word that starts with "in", including winning to "linning."
It's linsanity how Jeremy Lin has more clutch than LeBron.
dodane przez Mattstah luty 15, 2012
The awe inspiring accomplishments during basketball games of the Taiwanese American, Harvard educated guard for the New York Knick's, Jeremy Lin.
Jeremy Lin made the winning with less than a second left in the game. That's Linsanity!
dodane przez Stu317 luty 15, 2012
adj. The characteristic word defining a moment of greatness that Jeremy Lin, an NBA player, who was undrafted out of Harvard and nearly cut three times until he was given significant playing time due to desperation for the New York Knicks. Ever since then, he has been starting every game and has been a solid player. This phenomenon is described as "Linsanity"

Hardships that he had to overcome that regard him as an underdog:
-Asian-American of Taiwanese/Chinese descent
-Harvard graduate
-Perseverance despite being undrafted and cut multiple times
-High pressure to perform well as many regard him as the face of Asian American athletics
Imaginary person: "Holy crap, did you just see that 3 point dagger against the Toronto Raptors?"
Metta World Peace (Ron Artest): *Bursts out of the Lakers game room, screaming* "LINSANITY! LINSANITY!!!!!"
dodane przez SacTu luty 23, 2012
To truly come out of nowhere and, like a Disney fairytale, dominate those around you like they are unworthy to be in your presence. It is different than being "Tebowed," which implies being beaten by someone with inferior skill and talent, but who was once capable of excellence at a less-than-elite level.

Linsanity, simply put, is an awe-inspiring display of talent by one who was unrecognized of possessing such talent by the "experts" in that particular field.
Max K: Did you know that Manny Pacquiao was once a sea urchin in the streets of the Philippines, unknown to the world, before becoming an 8-time world champion in boxing?

Floyd M: Really, that is pure Linsanity!
dodane przez Surgicalprecision luty 16, 2012
A take on the word insanity by incorporating the word "Lin". This is in reference to the NBA player Jeremy Lin - who went from a bench warmer into one of the most exciting phenomenon in NBA history. It all began on 02/04/2012 when Lin led the knicks in a win against the New Jersey Nets. Within one week from 02/04/12-02/12/14 they won 5 straight games and Lin has averaged more than 26 points per game with impressive assists.
OMG this is total LINsanity, Jeremy Lin just scored 38 points against the Lakers and led the Knicks to victory!
dodane przez gtx48 luty 14, 2012
The Jeremy Lin phenomena. Lin, a 24 yr Chinese/Taiwanese American who has become a sensation after being put as a starter of New York Knicks by leading the team to a long-time-no-see winning streak. Considering his performance as a rookie starter, with Carmelo and Amare on the lineup, it's just insane.
Lin beat the buzzer an Knicks got the win! Linsanity continues!
dodane przez Ivanrox luty 14, 2012
Going insane over New York Knicks guard Jeremy Lin.
My brother has Linsanity since it began last month.
dodane przez Blossoms marzec 06, 2012
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