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A greeting, similar to hello
"Lopey, dude"
dodane przez chrispoole kwiecień 23, 2010
A form of greeting, akin to hello.
Person 1: Hey man
Person 2: Lopey.
dodane przez Aargragargle kwiecień 23, 2010
Sloppy, slow, lack of neatness.
Ford is the fastest domestic manufacturer, with a 25.7-hour average. GM is next, with 26.8; and DiamlerChrysler pulls up the rear with a lopey 31.3 hours per
dodane przez Anonymous kwiecień 16, 2002
When someone does something to make you not like them.
He is going to lopey her by bullying that other kid so she will probably dump him.
dodane przez Rnr styczeń 07, 2014
Nickname and term of endearment for the mythical creature, the Jackalope.
Lopey paused, scratching his antlers as he looked out over the prairie. Seeing nothing but a sea of waving grass in the distance, he hopped happily onward.
dodane przez Daynomite!! marzec 30, 2011