beautiful island atomosphere.
The moya here in Hawaii is breath taking.
dodane przez Whitney czerwiec 11, 2004
Top Definition
Moya is an awesome girl who is very laid back. You can tell her anything,she's very open . She doesn't judge. She's not like other girls, she cares for others with out a second thought. She is an awesome girlfriend ,who would do anything to make her man happy. If she's ever yours , consider yourself lucky.
She made her boyfriend soup when she was sick, that was such a Moya move
dodane przez Skylar Smith luty 17, 2013
Acronym for "Medieval On Your Ass." Originally taken from the famous Quentin Tarantino film Pulp Fiction, the shortened version - "MOYA" - is used by a popular online t-shirt shop, MOYA Tees.
"Don't mess with me. I'll go MOYA!"
dodane przez Potala luty 09, 2010
This is the Spanish word (from Spain) for Ni@@er (profanity)for a black person (regardless of what country they come from).
Though many Latinos now use this word to refer to Black Americans in a derogatory way it was originally used by the Spanish against their dark or black ancestors. It is not used to describe a Latino who doesn't speak Spanish. Por favor.
and fyi Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,Cubans (Caribe.Latinos) already speak ebonics in Spanish it is called Bozal.
Yo pense que Linda era Italiana, pero es moya.

I thought Linda was Italian, but she is Black (derogatory).
dodane przez 3menda maj 17, 2008
Mother You Avoid
Short: Opposite of a MILF

Long: A whiny, bitchy , over-concerned female that generally seems to be determined to make your day miserable.

A Moya is always the first to enter a parent-teacher conference and always the last to leave.
Being always on edge when it comes to her children , she will bug you endlessly about the dangers of Jenkem , Marijuana and chocolate till you agree to forswear those vices for the rest of your life.

While she might look good on the outside , her incessant , (often ignorant) whiny chatter forestalls any romantic advances immediately.

Another of the traits by which is Moya is characterized is the her technical illiteracy combined with her unwillingness to listen.
<RandalSmith>: Yesterday we had a Moya at our store who wanted to by an Ipod for her son ... -.-
<LadyOnyx> XD , I think you should be glad you survived your experience .. :P

Principal: "Since somebody planted the rumor of LSD in our schools swimming pool , my Office is constantly under siege by the Moya's .
dodane przez Kaskeran czerwiec 12, 2009
Any hispanic,mainly Puerto Rican or Dominican-American from the ghettos of NYC,who are unable to speak spanish,(thier own goddam language) because their ignorant asses never learned how,seeing how they were to busy learning goddam ebonics to sound cool.
"Hey that new chick Maria Salazar,she can't even pronounce her own goddam last name can you beleive that?I thought she was latina man."

"Yeah man she is latina, the thing is she a moya!"
dodane przez omaro październik 16, 2004
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