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The copulatory organ of a Dravidoid or Negro-Dravidian male. It is also applied to the organ of Aryan-speaking Shudra men, who are ultimately of Dravidoid origin. The name is derived both from the unusually large size as well as the dark black colour of the average Dravidian penis. The term is also a play on the rich wildlife and wide diversity of snakes on the Malabar coast, as exemplified by the Malabar Pit Viper, the Travancore Shieldtail, and the numerous snake species at the Parassinikkadavu Snake Park in N. Malabar district. When paired and contrasted with the term "Ganges Worm", the combination is used to further dramatize and emphasize the vast size difference between the usually diminutive fair Aryan penis and the generally oversized black Dravidian penis.
1. Antonio de Silva: You should see the way those Aryani (Aryan) & Firangi (European) molhers (women) flock to Goa to chase those "Nigros Malabaros" (Malabar Negroes)!
Mario de Souza: Yes, those female tourists are definitely addicted to the Malabar Black Snake !
2. The Portoghalee (Lusitanic) tourist Dona Paola at Goa moaned as the Shudra Goonda inserted his one-foot long Malabar Black Snake into her tight pink Portoghalee vagina. It was much longer and thicker than the four-inch White Portoghalee Pintos (small penises) she was used to.
3. Riaz: I have fallen in love with Zeba! Do you think I have a chance with her ?
Pervez: No way! All of her Yaars (lovers) have been only Shudra Men. Proves she doesn't like us Aryan boys and our Ganges Worms. She only wants those Malabar Black Snakes!
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dodane przez Moollah_Do_Pyaza maj 25, 2010
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