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past tense of "ming".
"That chick you pulled last night fucking mang mate."
dodane przez grief marzec 15, 2004
10 32
This is how Tony Montana says MAN, but in a comradery/get outta my face way.
ju tink I a communiss, Mang....uh?

ju tink I wanna live ing some fucking caige, mang....uh?

who da fuck u tink put dis togetta, uh?
ME, dass who, mang !!
dodane przez Poster Nutbag maj 20, 2003
2174 612
Plain and simple, this was started by the Mexicans. It's their way of saying "Man".. This is due to the Mexican accent converted to English. Now people say 'mang' because it's (1) different and (2) humorous.
"What's up, mang?"
dodane przez Jay czerwiec 02, 2004
1497 669
made popular by Al Pacino in Scarface, "mang" is the term for "man", but skewed into sounding like "mang" when said with the cuban accent of "Tony Montana"
"fuuhck you mang!"

"It helps me sleep go at night mang."
dodane przez Max Bamberger październik 20, 2005
840 280
Slang for "man".
"Hey mang, whassup wit' you?
dodane przez mang październik 30, 2002
627 356
(meyng) -noun

Friend; pal; buddy; bro
Yo, what up mang?

Hey mang!
dodane przez Dr. Mjolner luty 03, 2010
310 61
A fun way to say "man" usually when talking lightheartedly with your buds (mangs). in certain social situations "mang" can be quite addictive to use but it seems impossible to overuse it. Also made famous in the muddy waters song "mannish boy".
Andy: hey mang!
Stefan: oh hi mang!
Andy: ju got any butter mang?
Stefan: nah mang.

Muddy Waters: I'm a MAAAANG! I'm a full grown Mang. I'm a Hoochie coochie Mang! (and so forth. great song)
dodane przez El Esteban grudzień 09, 2008
387 143
Spanish pronunciation for "man".
Florida Tourist : "Excuse me sir, but could you please direct me to the nearest hotel?"
Cuban : "*shows off snake* I got a snake mang!"
dodane przez Dave lipiec 13, 2004
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