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A hilarious anagram of Xemnas's name. I mean it's supposed to be an anagram of Ansem X, but that's wrong.
Saix: Alright sir, I won't reveal your secret.
Xemnas: Thank you.
*Demyx passes by*
Demyx: Hey Mansex.
Saix: Okay so I told a few of us.
dodane przez DooDooMan październik 30, 2007
When 2 or more men have sexual intercourse
Stoners have MAN SEX all the time
dodane przez MAN s-E-cks maj 29, 2003
Homosexual sex
taking it Fruity up the booty
Gay men enjoy man sex
dodane przez Dragonflame marzec 25, 2003
one of the funniest angrams i've ever seen, its supposed to be Ansem dude +x but thats just rediculus, coincidence subliminal? eh, you decide
Axel: hello superior!
Xemnas: hello....
Axel: wisperes to demyx superior mansex
dodane przez Jizeru1 kwiecień 01, 2011
when two dick gnomes meet in a dark alley
they met to have man sex behind jordan's house
dodane przez Anonymous maj 02, 2003
Nasty ass shit
Dont have man sex with trevor
dodane przez Andrew czerwiec 20, 2003