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A word to call a close friend or a loved one.
McMuffin! I'm so happy you're home!
dodane przez rach9495 czerwiec 12, 2010

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A woman with a super-sized muffin top.
Dayum! Check out the McMuffin on dat gurl. She bustin' outta her pants.
dodane przez Psychopet październik 18, 2011
A tasty morning snack of vaginal fluids provided by a ladyfriend.

The act of eating out your ladyfriend before breakfast because you thirst for her nectar.

- A McMuffin is best served hot and ready after an invigorating morning shower.
Shortly after waking up in the morning say
"Baby, I sure could go for a McMuffin. Get your booty in the shower."
dodane przez terraltheible październik 13, 2011
a flat chested girl whos chest barley makes a bumb in her shirt.
dude that girl is such a mc.muffin
dodane przez da mop marzec 28, 2011