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a sandwitch invented at McDonalds in Hastings NE consisting of a double cheeseburger with a Chicken patty inbetween the beef pattys
"Ill take a McDizzle with fries and a large drink"
dodane przez fudgepants lipiec 26, 2009
59 12
It's Mcdonald's!!!
"I sure am hungry; I think I'll go get some Mcdizzles"
dodane przez Hank Mcdizzleson lipiec 10, 2008
44 11
A better way to say "McDonalds".
Let's go to McDizzle's, i need to get my eat on.
dodane przez DisabledDan czerwiec 28, 2003
16 9
let's go to Mcdizzle's brizzle
dodane przez japangster wrzesień 02, 2003
13 11
Retarded nick-name for some one with an Irish last name. Like the name McDermott.
Kid #1 - Yo, McDizzle, lets ditch school!

Kid #2 - Yo, Dickhead, stop calling me gay names!
dodane przez ryanmcde2587 sierpień 01, 2008
12 11
McDizzle-available at only some McDonalds. A tasty sandwich that isn't on the menu but you can ask for it and get it at selected mcdonalds. it is a double quarter pounder with a chicken pattie inbetween the two meat patties being the ultimate definition of awesome
awesome orgasmic
Sam: I had the best McDizzle last night it was awesome
Jacob: i have to get me one its like the unicorn of McDonalds
dodane przez gonno-sypha-herpe-laids marzec 02, 2009
5 5
The home of Ronald McDonald.
Fo' shizzle my nizzle, lets go to McDizzles.
dodane przez Tammy Paulino listopad 16, 2003
10 10