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An ultimatly sexy girl. Usually preps, with hot boyfriends. They love to acheive the highest, and will never let anything get in their way. They always get what they want. And will break you, if you get in their way.
Mikala; you're rich neighbor.
dodane przez Jennete sierpień 24, 2008
Probably one of the coolest girls ever to walk the earth. She is really attractive, funny, and she's smart. Everybody wants to hang out with her. There is nobody who doesn't like her.
Mikala is the bomb!
dodane przez JMarkR marzec 19, 2010
a crazy bitch who loves to cheat on everything and with everyone.
wow, your so bad at cheating, just like a mikala
dodane przez haveatocoorfour luty 12, 2009
kala, a name
hi i'm Mikala
dodane przez kalarhodes sierpień 25, 2008