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A man subjected to phone calls in bars. However, this man doesn't exist! (And if he does, I'd like to shake his hand. Well, if I wanted to do that, I'd just shake my dick, wouldn't I.)
<Bartender> Hey, is Mike Rotch here? Has anyone seen Mike Rotch lately?
dodane przez Bastardized Bottomburp lipiec 14, 2003

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The person that anyone who makes a prank phone call seems to be wondering if you've seen lately.
Hell, I was just wondering if you'd seen Mike Rotch around?
dodane przez El Ultimo Vato del Todo El Mundo, Panocha007 kwiecień 06, 2003
the persone every ones looking for but cant seem to find. Hahahaha losers who cant find mike rotch
aka m y c ro t ch lol ahahhaha
dodane przez billy bob jon but crack jhaSDFKJHSF październik 06, 2003