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1. A Beautifully witty and well quiffed songwriter

2. the wonderful wizard of Moz
You gotta love the Moz
dodane przez LEAAAHHH sierpień 12, 2004
284 54
One of the most talented singer/songwriters of our time. Singer in the famous British band The Smiths and has since gone solo, producing many successful records over his career span. Often known as the godfather of sexy and as pre-emo musical talent at its best.
I can't wait until Moz goes on tour after his next album.
dodane przez Sarah Hearts Moz sierpień 29, 2005
224 62
nickname for british rock star, Morrissey. he's also called: mozza, mozzer, the pope of mope, and the mozfather.
many people believe moz is gay.. but i don't.
dodane przez Denia kwiecień 24, 2006
244 86
a really cool guy
wow i sure wish i was more like moz
dodane przez Jack Moz wrzesień 24, 2008
52 25
1. famous composer
2. famous composer
I think that the Moz was just as talented as the Moz.
dodane przez Peter Parker listopad 14, 2003
65 41
Jinx, evil influence or bad luck - see mozzed.
"I do not want to put the moz on him." - Peter Costello (Australian Treasurer), 25 July 2007. See: http://www.treasurer.gov.au/DisplayDocs.aspx?doc=transcripts/2007/099.htm&pageID=004&min=phc&Year=&DocType=2
dodane przez ntennis wrzesień 03, 2008
14 31
name of the slobby weed dealer played by Johnny vegas in witty bbc 3 sitcom IDEAL.
"dont mess with another mans butty, have you not read the unwritten rules - RUDE!" - moz

"oh judith, if you didnt sleep with corpses youd be me ideal woman." - moz
dodane przez mr.G.G kwiecień 17, 2006
18 38