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An adorable feline influenced female creature. She is said to have the voice of creature beyond that of an angel, but rarely displays her astonishing talent. Although Nekou is often secerative about matters, she is quite arousing when "opens up". She is a notable vocalist and guitarist, currently performing in a band by the name of Akueikyou. Her lyrics are anything but thoughtless, and are often the cause of leaving bistandards such as myself breatheless. Nekou is hardly what one would call innocent, performing naughty tricks countless times with the turn of your head. There are rumours that she could very well be the very escance of beauty. I myself, do not doubt these romours, but instead enforce them. Her eyes are those of a goddess. I could stare into her for eternity. When Nekou is sleeping, she might appear vulnerable, but do not be fooled. I understand the temptations are high and endless, however Nekou is always watching. She gains amusement from licking various things; and what a fine job she does doing so. Above all, the untopable feeling, is that of feeling her devine lips pressed against your skin.
"What would you like to eat for lunch?"

"Some Nekou would be nice ;3 Rawr"
dodane przez Your Totoro maj 28, 2007
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