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Rebranded UK Labour Party, once a bastion of socialism, now a spin-obsessed turdpile.
Politically, Cherie Blair stands a little to the left of Tony and New Labour. As does Jean-Marie Le Pen, the BNP, Silvio Berlusconi...
dodane przez KHD październik 25, 2003
The first time that a political party has been re-branded using the same technique that Daz uses for its washing powder.
"New Labour, now with 25% extra spin and bullshit Free!"
Following the american idea that presentation is everything and content is irrelevant.
We are now supposed to vote for the one with the best hair cut and straightest teeth.
"smile when you say WMD Mr Blair,then they will believe you"

"If New Labour are elected we will not raise taxes" (warm hand gesture, cheesey grin)

"Safety" cameras...........BULLSHIT!!!!

ejucashun, ejucashun, ejucashun

"That poor Man, found dead in the woods, I must send Mrs Kelly a condolence card"

"It's all the fault of the last government"......IT WAS 9 FUCKING YEARS AGO

dodane przez Flibble maj 31, 2005
Class traitor thatcherites
Most of tony blair and his cronies make thatcher look like a social reformer.
dodane przez black flag czerwiec 24, 2004
Ruling political party of UK. Policies include rising crime, taxation (see gordon brown, hate of motoring, mass immigration. Espacially harmful to education. See tony blair.
New labour are getting kicked out in the next election.
dodane przez oracle luty 05, 2004
The fascist government of the United Kingdom created and ruled by Tony Blair.

New Labour's policies essentially state that everyone in Britain is a danger to themselves and others and must be monitored, controlled and - crucially - taxed to the point of abject poverty.

Income Tax (22%)- tax on your declared earnings
VAT - (17.5%) tax on "luxury" purchases - like electricity and clothes
Council Tax - tax on living in a house
Road Tax - tax on driving a car
Fuel Tax - tax on buying fuel for car

Chancellor Golden Brown is working on new "stealth" taxes because the revenue raised from these sources simply won't balance the books.

New Labour's social policy is that everyone either works for a large multinational corporation or is unemployed. This is designed to help businesses such as Tesco by ensuring that competitin is eliminated. The long-term goal is for all companies in Britain to be owned by the same corporation.

New Labour employs the very latest advertising techniques and spent £60,000,000 promoting itself. That's more than most legitimate companies.

Tony Blair himself is an arrogant, self-aggrandizing fool who believes not in representation but rather in management; that is to say he does not feel that he is there to represent the people of the UK but rather to allow them to be exploited by his expensively-suited business friends.

He believes that dissent must be crushed rather than listened to and to this end he sacks anyone who does not agree with him and uses the BBC as a propaganda tool. Obsessed with his "place in history" he does not seem to realize that he is already regarded by most of the population as a figure of hatred and mockery.
New Labour - notable policies

The Millenium Dome
Being a poodle of George W Bush
Lying about WMDs
The Iraq War
Taking over the BBC for propaganda purposes
Dr David Kelly - murdered by MI5
ID cards
Organising the London Tube bombings
Postal Voting fraud
Refusing to sack incompetent ministers
Blair Force One

- and that's just the ones that we know about
dodane przez Alison Hannigan czerwiec 21, 2006
A political party to the right of the Conservitives that professes to be acting in the interests of workers while imposing anti-union laws and tax increases for the poor.
I voted for New Labour in the hope that they'd do some good in the country.
dodane przez Angus Prune kwiecień 17, 2003
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