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A 'Nieve' is a petite Irish lassie with flowing brown hair and twinkling eyes. She is mischievous and can cast spells over the opposite sex so that they fall in love with her.

A 'Nieve' is also a blinding smile. Avert your eyes or you will be locked in a love spell for life, for this is no ordinary grin. Direct eye contact with a 'Nieve' is equivalent to your eyes being exposed to the glaring pistes of white snow on the Alpes or Himalayas. The mark is indellible. There is no going back. A 'Nieve' will burn a hole in your retinas. So enchanted will you be by this smile that you will think of nothing else for the rest of your life.
Two guys are in a restaurant. A hot waitress takes their order. She flashes them a massive smile, bearing a set of perfectly placed,dazzling white choppers.

Guy A: I'll have a plate of marriage with a side of babies and a large mini van please.

Guy B: Oh my god dude, you've just been nieved!
dodane przez Kitty84 styczeń 18, 2009
A Nieve is a beautiful girl with many talents, she is very intelligent even if sometimes she has zero common sense! At an early age she doesn't have much confidence and may get bullied, but by high school she will have changed dramatically and blossomed into a highly attractive young girl who many boys will fall for!

She loves books and YouTube and just everything awesome ! A Nieve isn't afraid of a challenge, she practically glows with self-confidence.

Her fatal flaws are holding grudges and being too proud.

However, like the meaning of her name ( snow , in Spanish) she can be ice cold and VERY powerful if you get on the wrong side of her - it her friends. Even if she is seemingly delicate....A Nieve is also naturally talented at skiing and snowboarding

A Nieve is the best kind of person to have as a friend, she can: help you with your maths homework with her intelligence, fight anyone being mean to you, always make you laugh and share your fangirling interests!

(Please be aware that being this fabulous does take a lot of energy so a Nieve can sometimes be REALLY tired)
Person: Who is that really pretty girl over there?

Friend: Oh, that's Nieve! She is way out of your league man!!

Person: Oh....

Friend: But don't worry, if you just ask and if you are lucky she might hang out with you and get to know you

Person: She'd really do that?

Friend: Sure!

Person: Nieves are awesome!!
dodane przez HelloImFabulous listopad 08, 2014
Spanish word for snow, also means cocaine (as in English).
Tengo tres gramas de nieve pura colombiana
Translation- I have 3 grams of pure colombian snow
dodane przez SC is sexy maj 13, 2007
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