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Similar to the over-hyped Catapult of Greek origin, it is a siege engine used by Ninjas in order to fire more Ninjas to distant places, usually over city walls, pirate ships, and/or giant mythical creatures infected with rabies.

Myth has it that it was once debated whether or not Ninjapults were ever required by the ninja armies of Ninjtopia, seeing as Ninjas possess otherworldly powers (such as teleportation, walking through walls, and blowing up objects with their minds) that would simply render the Ninjapult as an obsolete device before it was even created.

The Supreme Ninja Chancellor Chuck Norrisdecided to peacefully end this debate by explaining that Ninjapults were simply implemented for the addition of style points. The delegation completely agreed with Chuck Norris, and offered him the prestigious 'Nobel Awesome prize', to which Chuck Norris responded with the collective murder of the entire room by questioning the Ninjapult in the first place.

Note: Contrary to popular belief, The Ninjapult DOES exist and is still used to this very day. If you don't believe me, try to explain Watergate
Steve: Did you know that the Greeks took over a decade to get into Troy?
Bob: Are you kidding me?!?!? Hadn't they ever heard of Ninjapults?
Steve: What are Ninjapults?
(Steve died tragically .035 seconds later due to Post-roundhousekick-stress)
dodane przez Johannes Climacus lipiec 30, 2009
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