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Norteño is what they call Tex-Mex south of the border. Norteño songs, or "corridos," are named for the ballads about 19th century battles between the U.S. and Mexico. The music's origins are as mongrel as can be: mazurkas, waltzes and even a central European dance called the schottische all contributed to its distinctive sound. With the addition of the accordion (and polka influences), modern Norteno was born; today it's marked by nasal singing, accordion flourishes and streetwise lyrics that celebrate the deeds of the little guy: petty criminals, down-and-outers, people fighting the ubiquitous "system." Unlike most regional styles, Norteño is popular throughout Mexico.
Norteño Music: Espinoza Paz, El Trono De Mexico, Alicia Villarreal, Chalino Sanchez, Conjunto Primavera, Grupo Limite, Intocable, Julio Preciado y Su Banda Perla De Pacifico, La Mafia, Los Huracanes Del Norte, Los Invasores De Nuevo Leon, Los Tigres Del Norte, Los Traileros Del Norte, Los Tucanes De Tijuana, Luis y Julian, Tony De La Rosa, Jenni Rivera
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