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A town in Middlesex county New Jersey. Once known as Madison Township, but was renamed to remove confusion.
I live in Old Bridge, NJ!
dodane przez Joe C czerwiec 14, 2004
a piece of crap

a town with 65000 people but absolutely nothing to do

why i go to school far away
do i actually live here
dodane przez A..... lipiec 11, 2005
A town of 60,000 people in Middlesex County, New Jersey, bisected by Route 9, but so dull and devoid of any worth that Bruce Springsteen gave up on writing a song about it around 1978 or so.

The town was formerly known as Madison Township. The name was changed in 1975 because the natives weren't smart enough to tell the difference between themselves and Madison Borough in North Jersey's Morris County.

Arch-rival of neighboring East Brunswick, and their jocks like to head up Route 18 to the Brunswick Square Mall and parade around in their purple-and-black OBHS varsity jackets as if they own the place, wondering why none of the storeclerks have what they want in stock. Then they go out to the parking lot and smoke, and wonder if it can get any better than this. Since they live in Old Bridge, it can't.

You can't spell "SLOB" without "OB."
"What do you know? You're from Sayreville!"
"I know, I know, but at least I'm not from Old Bridge!"
dodane przez UncleMikeNJ wrzesień 16, 2008
known for crappy fat moms who talk too much smack about shit they don't know about. seriously needs some long underwear. likes ritas ices too much and comfort bagels. has a strip just for fat ppl food. wants to get fatter and shelter everyone in its fatdom because it's scared that white trash will die. aaw. Named Old Bridge because the fatties never got around to building the damn new bridge. actually they lied..there is no bridge in old bridge...just a plethora of crappy educational systems and crappy teaching professionals and many johnny appleseed sports leagues
What?? Where What!! where's Old Bridge??
dodane przez keanureaves_girlfraan maj 27, 2016
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