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Sony's new game system which competes with the Xbox One. Is "compete" even the right word I should be using right now? The PS4 didn't have to do anything to beat the Xbox One. The Xbox One destroyed itself with its "enlightening" features. After the announcement of the Xbox One, Sony's stock went up by 9%. It seems like Microsoft wants Sony to sell more than them. While playing online with the PS3 was free, the PS4 won't be free. You must have Playstation Plus to play online for the PS4. At least Playstation Plus gives extra features like discounts, and free games. The price of the PS4 will be $399.99, and it will be released on 11/30/2013.
Xbox Fan: I'm ganna totully by teh X-Box One Bee-cuZ it iz da bestest!

Playstation Fan: You're joking, right? I can buy a brick for cheaper that does everything the Xbox One can, but with less limits, but I'd rather buy a PS4.
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dodane przez Mahoken czerwiec 16, 2013
Sony's newest system that shits all over the Xbox One. They did pretty much everything right, to the point where it was like Sony slapped their dicks across Microsoft's face.
The PS4 already won this console war.
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dodane przez Black Arrow czerwiec 19, 2013
The best system created by Sony, play station four
Dude lets play on your new ps4
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dodane przez Young money maj 20, 2015
Video game system designed for capitalist, by capitalist for capitalist gaming.
"I'm so looking forward to the new games on the ps4 like Light Gun Simulator and Pedal Puller 7!"

"But did you here about Head Stomper 2 and Swarm XXI?"
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dodane przez listopad 19, 2013
An extremley overrated graphically upgraded PS3 that happens to have way too many fanboys. Currently it has no games. It's competitor on the other hand, (The Xbox One) can do 10x as much shit. Sadly it (Xbox one) recieves hate from everyone.
XBOX ONE FAN: What are you talking about? Did you know that the Xbox one includes kinect 2.0 and removed DRM before it release. The Graphics are basically the same.
XBOX ONE FAN: You haven't tried kinect.. Have you.
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dodane przez Teh trueman marzec 30, 2014
A horrible system that claims to be competing with with Microsofts Xbox One. 90 percent of the people on Sony's PS4 don't even talk (they don't speak english) on the microphone because they are foreign or terrorists. Word is that Sony planted a chip inside the hard drive to allow towel heads to detonate an explosion. Another fact is that the controller is also used as a dildo by the PS4 fans that is why they love sony so much because PS4 stands for PENIS SUCKING 4EVER. Most people who speak english and/or are American and buy PS4 are filthy scummy Jews and let me prove my point before you make up a lie JEW. The Microsoft Xbox consists of an online gaming community that are 95 percent American or atleast speak english not only this but PS4 offers free online play Jews love free shit FACT! Microsoft has the best graphics and people pay for the best online play with people who speak english. PS4 took 3 months to sell out pre orders after announcement MICROSOFTS XBOX ONE TOOK LESS THAN A WEEK!

Sony was hacked last year and all of the information that you put on that Penis Sucker 4EVER will be hacked and all of your money taken by jews Microsoft on the other hand? Never been hacked because it is a secure server.

There is a youtube video of a kid who is neither a PS4 gayboy or Xbox fan but was so disgusted that PS4 has a dildo for a controller he shattered the PS4 on release day right outside of gamestop.

Dirty Harry: I am going to give you 10 seconds to run I have my .45 in my holster 10, 9
Beaner: Penis Sucking 4ever esse
Dirty Harry: 8, 7 what did you just say? BANG!
#faggot ps4 fans #terrorist magnet #dildo controller #slimy jew #beaner
dodane przez PS4isSOgay luty 15, 2014
The next generation playstation. Release date December 9, 2011.
Dude, when is the PS4 coming out? Dude, December 9, 2011
#ps4 #playstation 4 #sony #ps3 #ps5
dodane przez Will11 listopad 11, 2007
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