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Orientation- Hispanic ass beatings. Verb- Getting a spanking, or hit with an object; a belt, hanger, spatula, or whatever's in your parents reach.
Lelo gave Baby Santi papow because he was a bad boy.
#beating #papow #pa pow #fuete #hit
dodane przez datnjdvl13 czerwiec 08, 2009
The final capper on a joke which is thought to have been funny, but was probably not.
"How do you seperate Dawson from John?" "With a crowbar....PA POW!!!"
#happy bruce #loud marshall #bellowing bm #ho-ho-ho #papow
dodane przez Chuck Fricken Norris lipiec 26, 2006
Pa-Pow! Multimedia Exhibition is the showcase of works from the final year students of the Advanced Diploma of Multimedia Design (Swinburne University, Wantirna campus).
Pa-Pow! Multimedia Exhibition

25th November - 1st December 2007
OPENING NIGHT Monday 26th November 2007 is when the Pa-pow exhibition is being held in 2007.
#pa-pow #pa pow #pow #exhibition #design #graphic #swinburne
dodane przez Kiyal październik 22, 2007
Someone who frequently changes their facial hair, AND ROCKS EACH AND EVERY LOOK. <- (the latter is very important)
Man has a very long beard, two weeks later, a "piccadilly whisker", two weeks later "chops" etc.
"Oh man! I just saw a Papows!"
#pappy #paps #pow #pah-pohws #tom
dodane przez Hakeber kwiecień 17, 2008
grandfather, grandpa, fathers father
My papow was a great man.
#papaw #pepaw #memaw #mamow #mamaw
dodane przez tammy jg wrzesień 10, 2007
1. An expression used to express excitement. Usually used as a salutation. Sometimes combined with a hand gestures.

2. synonym: pwned
Pa pow RO!
dodane przez riverspade maj 02, 2003
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