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The most G thug in the world! has amazing girlfriend and nothing can beat him, WHATS GOOD Nigga
Bang Bang i shoot ya nigga<---- quote of pate
dodane przez Pate whatsgood sierpień 01, 2011
The top of the head.
Not to be confused with the liver paste - pate'.

"His bald spot revealed his shining, pink pate."
dodane przez Amber Hart październik 27, 2005
Poo and trump exit...meaning your rectum..bum-hole..etc..as that is where all the poo and trumps come from...
"Oh man..I have such an itchy p.a.t.e today..."
dodane przez Picklepea wrzesień 07, 2007
n. the area of your body that your entire underwear covers.
When playing Xevoz one often finds there are never enough of the pieces that conneect the torso to the legs, the "pates."
dodane przez Manders grudzień 31, 2005
have a nice day
you too, pate
dodane przez landman692 kwiecień 11, 2011